A new STICKBOY book! Published by Carnal Comics. Their first non-porn book! Stroll the gutter with Stickboy and Blockhead in this 48page diatribe! I created a special 22page intro that sheds new light on what the fuck Stickboy is really about. Nihilistic turd-fest or deep philosophical treatise? You decide... $6.50ppd

Stickboy #7, a relic from 1995... 24 pages of vile bitterness and sad embarrassment. We wanted the cover to be printed on the same paper used for grocery bags but settled for this nicer stock. Published by the late Starhead Comix... $5 ppd

ACIDBOY is a combo reprint of Stickboy #2 and Suburban Teens On Acid, with some added odds and ends. It's been my opinion these two books were my very best, tho' now I think the new one, The Return Of Stickboy, is. It's a full 64 pages and nearly gone...$8.50 post paid.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment #1 is a collection of really disgusting crap from various cartoonists. Ivan Brunetti, Sam Henderson, Pat Moriarity, Jasun Huerta, John Connell and yours truly. This comic is for sell to ADULTS ONLY! So you must state your age. 24 pages... $4 ppd

Cruel and Unusual Punishment #2 is even better than the first. Ivan Brunetti does 5 pages before moving on to the bigtime. Also has the incredible Canadian bastard, Valium, the woderful Sam Henderson, Wayno, Mack White, Jasun Huerta, Vincent, Quetzal and me. From 1994. 32 pages and for Adults only...$5 ppd